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You will find various articles, personal thoughts, comments about magic, practical occult techniques, and more.

This website is also an archive of the best rituals/articles found in the Facebook group “Gallery of Magick Discussions and Experimentations.” (also known as “GOMDE”)

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“Magic is a reality to live.”

About Arnaud:

Arnaud Vincote began his magical journey when he was a teen. He was at boarding school with several friends at least as crazy as him, and the five of them decided to experiment with magic. The first “rituals” were mostly clueless, but the practice became more and more sensible as time passed. Most of his friends were here mainly to have fun and have a taste of what’s beyond, so they didn’t commit that much to magic after high school (although some group work did follow on some occasions), but one of them became his magical partner. A lot of work has been going on between them, always trying to go further and improve their lives. Arnaud’s first focus was on Chaos Magic and Golden Dawn. A little bit of Egyptian Mysteries practices then followed, Kabbalah Ma’asit influenced Arnaud’s path significantly, and Gallery magic became a mainstay in his practice. He also practices Ruhaniat (traditional Arabic occultism) and learns from Nineveh Shadrach and other sources.

Arnaud founded the largest unofficial Gallery of Magick Facebook group. This group endeavors to share magic through conversation, experimentations, and actual group rituals. The work done in this group is significant. It has been a place for new authors to flourish, such as Jareth Tempest, Tristan Whitespire, and others. Inspired by the Gallery of Magick and the magic done in our group, many rising stars are now contributing to contemporary occultism.

In the mundane, Arnaud is fascinated by music and computers. He learned English all by himself because he saw that a lot of information was available in English on the internet compared to his native language. Since he spent a lot of time online, how could he miss all this? Yeah, being a nerd is a way of life, so they say.

Arnaud shares magic because he would literally explode if he didn’t. It’s too much for one man.