Disclaimer: Take all of this with a grain of salt! I do not recommend believing chthonic beings by default.

On chaosjelly’s blog, there has been a spirit interview, follow the link:

I thought the concept was excellent! Evoking spirits visibly and asking them interesting questions about them or spiritual concepts is a genius idea. So I decided to do the same thing with Belial. Some people submitted questions, and I evoked Belial to ask these questions.

Disclaimer: I believe that a level of subjectivity exists when it comes to contacting spirit. By no mean, I claim to be an expert about Belial, this was actually my first encounter with him, and it was quite powerful, if you are experienced with Belial, please do post here if you don’t agree with an answer I got, I love debate, and concerning this spirit, I want to learn. If you did work with Belial, tell me if the answers I post here seems sensible and realistic to you. Again, spirit communication can be tricky, but as far as I’m concerned, the contact seemed good between him and me, but we can never be sure if I received the right answers or imagined things through my own interpretations.
With that said, here’s the interview:
Where are you from?
I am from the pits of hell, this hell is different that what you might expect, it is the hell of Thaumiel, it’s actually a pleasant place, it’s not hell with endless suffering and horror, although it IS dark. It’s a place where all the dark, hidden impulses, from humans and other advanced enough creature resides. Dark indeed, but not unpleasant.
How can you help us?
There is a lot about me in grimoires, books, and the internet, most of it is true about me, I am first and foremost an earth spirit, bringing riches and stability, as well as ascent in human society. I do have a power that’s hidden somehow : the mystery of rejection. Rejecting something higher, the divinity, or rather, the bad that can comes from it, I still remain under the look of the highest, so this is a bit complicated to grasp, I am not here to turn you away from all the divine, only several things in particular, but the word contains the mystery :”Rejection.” Reject the bad.
What’s the best way to establish a bond with a demon?
You are doing it right now. Talk with us, invite us, conjure us visibly or in your mind/visions, we are ready to form a bond with people as long they genuinely want to reach us, sincerity is the key. Commune with us.
Is it our ego that keeps us from achieving what we want in life?
Yes and no. If ego is not balanced it doesn’t serve well, ego inflation is not something you want, trust me. But if you have a confident ego, it can only help.
How to get into a trance state easily?
Not a simple question. Trance for what? You can enter a trance for many reasons, and the manner you enter it must be accordingly with your intent, repetition tends to induce a trance, that’s for sure, you already know this idea, it is effective, but not just word, repeating thoughts or image also work, did you never feel spacey after watching or hearing the same things repeatedly?
How much can we dominate fate rather than have to be led by it?
I’m here to teach you to dominate fate, but the circumstances around you are strong, so hard work is required from you to break from influences. It’s also about what I said earlier, rejection. Reject what doesn’t feed your power and potential.
What can we do on our side to help demons make magic more effective?
… Not much, trusting us is really effective. You have many tools when it comes to ritual magic, and human imagination led to the creation of great rituals to conjure us. Demonolaters trust us, and we like that, they learn a lot of lessons from us, but they are ready to learn, not anyone is.
How to unlock true inner potential?
It depends a lot on the person, but a basic rule is to feed yourself with doing what you like to do.
Should we worship ourselves or some outward divinity?
(Belial smiles) Rejection. Reject the bad. (he doesn’t want to explain more.)
Does demons have a preference on how often we may communicate with them?
Often is great.
How does demons help with spiritual ascension?
We break your conditioning, we elevate you by making you confronting yourself directly and rising upon your own limitations.
A final word?
I, Belial, want to work with anyone sincere, I hope more people will come to me with friendship and trust. Demonolater or non-demonolater, but demonolater have the merit to *trust* us, and it is perfect for us.
Comment about the Demonolater thing: I’m a strong believer in using divine and angelic names to conjure spirits, Belial seemed to mean that if you don’t use them, they see it as a sign of trust, and can make you learn lessons about life, sometimes the hard way, but for a greater purpose. S Connolly talks about that in her books, demons being teacher according to her. However, this should not be undertaken lightly. Do your practice as you will, but in case of doubt, remember: The Gallery has done a lot of work, and their methods deserve to be trusted.
Some relevant comments have been added where I first posted this interview, on my Facebook group:

Okay, so my evocations are usually done in DEEP trance and/or shamanic journeys where I let the spirits guide my thoughts to their dwelling place (in my mind or their astral dwelling, I don’t know). I don’t focus on appearance, but most Goetic demons are at least vague human shapes. Belial was the same but in the room his presence is EXTREME. Not just in my mind, but in the room physically. Some say demonic presence is intoxicating. Belial’s is almost overwhelming.

On the “rejection” thing. I smiled really big reading this haha. He explained to me once that his name’s meaning of “Without A Master” would be most useful to me. He has taught and continues to teach me to reject giving all of myself to aspects of divinity if it does not serve me. At one point, I elevated him and Lucifer to the level of godhood. He basically told me, “You know, you can do that…but when you put beings of power, rejection, destruction, and rebellion as your gods…how do you think that will affect your life?”. It was like being astrally smacked, and I appreciated it. He meant that he desired PARTNERSHIP, not my worship.

On his dwelling place:

He is the reason I study The Tree of Life and the Qliphoth. Thaumiel makes sense, though I didn’t know the name of that realm then.

He told me “I have manifested the desires of many men before they knew they would have them.” I tried to ask if he was older than humans/the fall and got cryptic answers.Him and Lucifer then showed me “the void” to illustrate how if I could stop considering my self in relation to all things, I would cease to exist. You think sleep paralysis is scary? Try forgetting you exist for even a second haha. That “second” was indescribable. His introduction to me was a “gatekeeper.” Not how I later learned that E.A. Koetting talks about him, but he opens the doors to all the entities of the Qliphoth. Through him, you can be connected to Lucifer, Lilith, Astaroth, and many others. He, at least in my gnosis, stands guard over the hidden void on the Tree of Life, as it is the link to the Qliphoth. It’s his role outside of his domain on this Earth. He told me that all things that Light touches is Lucifer’s kingdom. The Earth, specifically, is his.

you can see our parallel with how I have come to view demons: Belial especially is concerned with our spiritual ascent. Demons care A LOT about alchemy. Even if you work with angels, I’ve gathered that Lucifer and many other demons see that as respectable so long as you are ascending and using magick.

Conclusion: Belial is awesome! But you probably already knew that if you worked with him!

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