Forming a bond with a spirit.

Angels, Djinn, Demons, I work primarily with these spirits. If there is something I believe, they are incredible beings. Fascinating, friendly when handled correctly, and helpful.

Tasking or evoking these spirits can bring tremendous magical results. Still, there is something that is just as important as results. It’s the relationship you have with them.

Forming a bond with a spirit is always an exciting perspective and will benefit both parties. Somehow, if a spirit helps you, they benefit from it, from your gratitude, from your attention. Entering into a friendship with them is taking magic further. One, of course, doesn’t do it with *all* spirits they encounter, but some of them feel special. Naturally, the occultist wants to explore this entity deeper. Sometimes, there isn’t any apparent reason, but one thing is for sure, we are fascinated by this spirit. We feel elevated by its presence.

In Arabic occultism, forming a bond with a spirit can be taken one step further. It is something called a covenant. Funnily enough, this intent of having spirits by your side is more developed than in western magic, or at least, that’s what appears to me. In our countries, people sometimes tend to do offerings and pacts, but that’s it. A covenant with a djinni or angel is usually more intense, with an agreement on both parts and the idea of developing a deep relationship for mutual help. One of the conditions imposed by the spirit is often to keep the work done with him under silence. Breaking this magical oath seems a terrible idea to me. The first consequence would be that the relationship between the spirit and yourself would be impacted. In some cases, I would expect more consequences to happen. Magical oaths are sacred, don’t mess around with them.

The more you practice, the more you will find spirits producing strong feelings in yourself. Whether you want to enter into a covenant with them or learn to know them, don’t neglect these feelings, and accept the possibility of forming a friendship.

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