Hamaliel – The angel of logic

There is one particular angel I love, a powerful and helpful spirit: Hamaliel, the angel of Virgo.
This angel is said to “Fight adversity with logic.” What it means is that whatever problem you have, Hamaliel will take it and destroy it with logic. If it’s a minor problem, he will correct your relationship to it and make you see it for what it is. If it is a major problem, he will give you a rational and deeply logical way to deal with it.
The very presence of this angel is powerful and leads one to feel strength and see the problem with less discomfort.
What I’m going to show you here is an easy way to work with this spirit. Since many of my readers are, like me, Gallery practitioners, I’ll give you a method of tasking I created, inspired by the Gallery of Magick. This ritual is a basic way to work with Hamaliel. If you’re experienced, you may want to do a more elaborate ritual. Still, this tasking is a good way to taste what Hamaliel is capable of, and he is so mighty! Try it, and see your problems being eased off of your mind!

1° Scan the Hebrew name (on the right of the picture) from up to down. It’s the name of Hamaliel.

2° Focusing on the central sigil, chant “HAMALIEL” several times, trying to forge a connection with the spirit.

3° Say with authority, “Hamaliel, by the power of Virgo, and in the mighty name of HEH HEH YOD VAV, I call upon you.” Once again, chant “HAMALIEL” several times until you feel his presence.

4° Speaking to Hamaliel, formulate a plain but sincere sentence describing your current problem. Feel your discomfort. Feel every negative thoughts this problem arises in yourself. (Example: Hamaliel, I can’t get these negative thoughts off my mind.)

5° Speaking to Hamaliel, formulate a sentence about the result you want to achieve and feel grateful that *as if* the problem was already solved. (Example: Hamaliel, remove all these negative thoughts I have!)

6° Thank Hamaliel. The ritual is done.

A quick note about the name of God used in this short ritual: In Zodiacal magic, we use the Tetragrammaton, which is made of the Hebrew letters “YOD HEH VAV HEH.” in gallery magic, this name is usually written as “EE-AH-OH-EH” However, when it comes to the zodiac, we use “permutations” of this name of God, which means that we change the order of the letters.
The permutation attributed to Virgo, and thus, Hamaliel, was “HEH HEH VAV YOD” for a long time. However, a more recent interpretation states that the correct permutation would be “HEH HEH YOD VAV.” Use whatever name you wish, but I had success with the recent interpretation.
Hamaliel is an incredible angel. I hope you’ll find interest in his powerful and deeply rewarding gnosis.

(Image taken from https://solascendans.com/ Alex Sumner’s website, show him some love, he has a great blog!)

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