The Seereeyus Cube.

The Seereeyus Cube is a place (or even a standalone plane) inside of the astral realm.
It can be reached through any form of Out of Body Experience or even sheer visualization and intent.
Its current form channels the energy of the star Sirius for Power, Peace, and Grandeur. Each of these intents can be used in any way, and its general form will empower the practitioner’s energetic body. For example, if you use the intent of peace, You can ask for peace in your mind, in your relationships, in your working place, etc. You can also ask the star to channel the energy of peace inside your being as a general practice and benefit from it.

How to access this plane

There are two ways to access the Seereeyus Cube, Out of Body Experience and Visualization. If you can astral project, leave your body and follow the instructions. If you can’t astral project, sit, close your eyes, and intend to enter this place mentally.

1° Go to a place called “The Seereeryus Cube,” an immense blue cube near the star Sirius in the astral realm.

2° You should see a yellow castle once you enter the cube, enter the castle, and inside it, you will see a floor with a black and white chequered diamond-shaped pattern. Ask to connect to the Star Sirius (which is close to the cube, and thus the castle, remember!) and to receive the power of Sirius. This can produce experiences ranging from a slight rush of energy to an intense feeling. Spontaneous visions can also happen. Feel whatever happens.

3° Next, walk further and go outside of the castle. You will see a lush garden with a river. Ask to receive the peace of Sirius, and feel the energy. Again, anything can happen at this point.

4° Further beyond the garden, you will see a mountain, climb to the snowy top, and ask to receive the grandeur of Sirius. Feel the energy and allow any possible experience to take place.

5° Thank the Star and end the journey.

You are witnessing the birth of a new magical system. The central point of this system is my youtube channel (, where I will add more content and more directions about how to use this magic.

I plan to expand the Seereeyus cube with other places and create other planes around other stars, planets, and possibly more.

Have fun!

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