What the Gallery Started

In 2014, a new author came into the occult scene: Damon Brand. He wrote in his books that he was a member of a magical group going by “The Gallery of Magick.” Soon enough, other members of the Gallery wrote books. With Damon, they are four experienced occultists having released modern grimoires, the three others being Gordon Winterfield, Zanna Blaise, and Adam Blackthorne.

Initially, they published magic to “fulfill pacts,” so they said. Little did they know how far things were going to get.

All their books became best sellers in no time. A solid enthusiasm for this form of occultism, blending several traditions into a simple, practical, effective, no-nonsense magic, happened quickly.

Each book publication from them is now considered an event in itself, and rightly so.

But why the Gallery has such a following? Because it is potent! Their magic is powerful and, at the same time, outrageously easy. A Gallery ritual can be done in 2 minutes, and the result it brings can be life-changing.

So we could say that a few occult authors got tremendous success. The magical community earned relevant magic to practice for the following years, which was already great for both parties.

And yet … It’s not only about that when we look deeper.

The way I see things, the Gallery created a new stream of ritual magic, a new magical tradition. Its workable, modern approach is the future of magic. It’s bigger than just talented authors having success and occultists getting new techniques. It’s about a new dynamic of occultism that could forever change the face of magic, and I’m not exaggerating. What we need to do is to help this dynamic grow stronger. We have to work this magic, learn from its philosophy of simplicity and effectiveness, and try to create more rituals with this perspective. If we do this, then modern occultism has great days ahead!

We could achieve things that seem impossible today. All we need to do is to do the work right now.

The Gallery said one day that they might release a big theory book. Watch for it. It might be a book that will allow the practitioner to push things even further.

Another effect the Gallery had on modern occultism is that other orders or experienced mages decided to publish their finding. They are forming some “new wave” of magic. Some of these people are in my group, and we created a lot of new techniques, which delights me.

All I can say for now, with as much gratitude as a great hope for the future, is: Long live the Gallery!

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