How to Get Rid of Lust for Result Easily in Five Seconds

Kevashiel is an angel from “Angels of Alchemy” by Damon Brand who can help you reduce your lust for results. However, sometimes, you can’t do a full ritual. I was in such a situation when I had lust for results and, due to circumstances, couldn’t perform a ritual, even if it was just a simple tasking. So, I developed an easy and discreet way to work with Kevashiel.

Without going too deep into the theory, let’s say that in my understanding of this angel, Kevashiel is a Mercurial spirit. Thus, he is linked to a specific divine name: “ELOHIM TZABAOTH.” The book also points out that Raphael is Kevashiel’s ruling archangel.

So, here’s what you should do:

Call the spirit in your mind like this: “Kevashiel, in the name of RAPHAEL and ELOHIM TZABAOTH, put my lust for result in the past.” while saying the last words or even just after this brief sentence, imagine your lust for results being in the past, imagine that, in the past, your lust for results has faded and now, in the present moment, you have no more lust for results, and you are grateful for that.

This process is easy, only requires five seconds and is greatly liberating.

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