Do you use magic to change yourself or the world around you?

I had a lot of success in changing myself and the circumstances around me. Both are exciting, but my highest success was on myself, not to mention that both are linked. If you work on yourself, you can change the world more easily. If you change the world around you, you are reshaped in the process, that idea isn’t mine, and I’m sure you’ve heard about it before, but it’s a point worth repeating.
It doesn’t mean the magic here will only be about changing the being. As I said, I do both and had great success with either of them.

Where did you learn magic?

I’ve learned through many studies with books and content on the Internet, and most importantly, experimentations. I know some people don’t have the opportunity, but still, I’ll say it anyway: Practicing magic with a group of friends is essential. You share and live the practice together, and thus, it only grows stronger for everyone involved. I also think that magic is too big for one man. I would have exploded long ago if I couldn’t share what I was doing with my friends. Group rituals also teach a lot about magic. So, in the end, I’ve learned a lot by myself on the inter and books, but having a few people involved empowers the process to a whole new level.

What do you think of chaos magic theories about spirits being part of our psyche?

I believe that spirits are objectively real on another plane of existence. However, they still represent aspects of our psyche, it’s something I still explore, and I’m yet to find all the answers.

What is your favorite ritual?

Choosing a single ritual is hard. Djinn magic produces the most intense experiences for me. The “Khidmat Al Shamas,” a solar evocation calling upon djinn, is among the most potent and pleasant rituals I have practiced. I also love S. Connolly’s gate opening system outlined in “Infernal Colopatiron.”

Has magic changed how you see life, and has it given another meaning?

It has changed my life and shattered my reality for the better. With occultism comes a new perception of reality, and there is meaning in every magical act. Magic gave me more perspective on life and the cosmic joke that we are all part of in this world.
The meaning of my life is now sharing the magic I practice and helping the world become more magical and a better place.

Is magic dangerous?

It depends on what you practice. Some forms of magic are inherently dangerous. However, you won’t come across these particular forms of magic by accident. Enochian, for example, is potentially hazardous and should be practiced by people knowing exactly what they’re doing. Although considering all the material and theory required, you will know this long before doing any ritual.

What was your most successful ritual?

That’s a tough one for me to pick. The most satisfying was getting a friend out of real trouble when no way out seemed possible. I did the “Crisis Magick” from Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand. A few days later, the situation (which had been going on for months) was solved entirely.

Are planetary hours and days important for evocation?

Planetary Days and hours magnify the energy of the ritual. However, it’s not a vital advantage in most evocation systems. If you can get to do the ritual during the correct planetary hour easily, by all means, do it, but don’t postpone your ritual if you can’t. At first, I was diligent about performing the evocations at the “right” timing. Still, I’ve seen it’s not that important. It’s better to do a ritual when you’re motivated and feeling ready rather than wait a planetary hour that will only slightly affect the ritual.
I also believe that other practices, like talisman consecrations, might be more impacted by planetary hours than evocations.

How can I contact you?
Directly by email: arnaudvincote@gmail.com

What can prevent a ritual from being successful?

The first thing is performing it poorly without being diligent in the instructions. This is the worst thing you can do. Lust for results also can make a ritual fail. Still, it’s much less critical, and only an obsessive lust for results can disrupt a ritual. A few stray thoughts or even several minutes of doubt won’t make the ritual fail.

What is the first advice you would give to make magic work?

Dwell in the pleasure of doing the ritual. Live it with all the intensity you can. If you love doing magic, magic will love bringing you results.

Do you think fear can produce harmful effects with magic?

It can. As the Gallery says, you amplify any feeling you’re putting into the magic. But there were times I was in dire need and couldn’t help feeling worried during the ritual, but it still worked, so it’s not absolute.